At Sacfitnesstrainer, we’re dedicated to customer service. We have proven to service our clients to receive the best results possible. The value you will get in our personal training program is invaluable. Start investing in your overall health today!

So what can you expect from Sacfitnesstrainer?

Tailored programs

fitness planWhether you’re a veteran or beginner we have just the right program for you. Each program is tailored specifically to you and is unique from any other individual. The program is adjusted to what type of goal you are trying to achieve. Whether your goal is to lose the fat or gain muscle, we will have your workouts planned to get you maximum results. To determine your starting point, you may be asked to perform certain exercises to better understand where you stand.

Certified Personal Trainer

sacramento personal trainer teachingOur trainers are highly experienced and have at least one type of certification from NASM, ACSM, ACE, or NSCA. Trainers at Sacfitnesstrainer also have nutrition knowledge and will provide nutrition advice to go with the tailored program.

Certified trainers are experienced in injury preventions and will provide you with the proper body movements for optimum results.


At Sacfitnesstrainer, we expect you to show up for your scheduled sessions. With the amount of value we provide at each session, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss a single session. You will get the most out of each session and each session you will be provided with proper motivation. Don’t expect to miss a single session because a Sacfitness trainer will hold you accountable!

Diet plans

Sacfitnesstrainer also provides workouts outside of your sessions. Away from your sessions, you will be given a diet guide based on the goals we have set for you. Diet plans will be calorie based and should be followed 5 days a week for best results. You will receive meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with our recommended snacking frequency that we recommend.

Get started with a personal trainer.