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When to get a fitness coach

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If you read our blog often you notice we use the term “fitness coach” and “personal trainers” interchangeably. There is no other reason other than it helps reach a wider range of audience. Some people use the search term “fitness coach” and others “personal trainer”. So now that is clear, on to our main topic.

The only time you would want to hire a coach is if you WANT to get better. You could be the best in the world and it would still be NECESSARY for you to get some type of coach. The reason is that you want someone watching you from a different perspective. The constructive criticism is what’s going to help you propel to the next level.

In our previous article about personal training, we mentioned that you should find a personal trainer who is in the ideal shape you would want to be. Well, that is usually the case if you want to get in physical shape. Because let’s face it, the main reason clients seek out a personal trainer is to get into better shape (duh right?).

There are exceptions to this rule. That is if you are seeking other aspects of fitness such as powerlifting or weight lifting. The goal in these sports is to lift the most amount of weight possible while maintaining proper form. Many athletes who compete in powerlifting or weight lifting usually have a bulkier frame than say someone who is a body builder. This is because training to lift the most amount of weight possible doesn’t get you a lean body. Which brings us back to our main point.

If you are seeking a coach in powerlifting then obviously it wouldn’t matter if they were shredded. You would rather want you powerlifting coach skilled at lifting heavy weights.


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