So about a month has passed by since my last update and since the past month I’ve gotten some pretty good gains. I hit a few goal PR’s which I am really happy about and haven’t had any signs of slowing down yet. I started doing a lot of supersets to compensate for my lack of cardio which seems to benefit me slightly since my diet has also been bad (can’t stay away from ice cream).

Here are my new numbers and progress pics:

OHP: 145 x 3 max reps

Bench: 255 x 4 max reps

Deadlift: 405 x 4 max reps

Squat: 315 x 5 max reps




So I have switched up my diet a little bit. I decided to cut out some more carbs, probably around 30 grams of it per day. Along with couple days of intermittent fasting and cardio. The results have been minimal but it’s there. My shoulders and traps are my body’s most lacking parts so I’ve been doing specific¬†exercises to target them more.



Me at roughly 155 lbs


Most recent lifts:

6×5 OHP with 115 lbs

6×6 deadlift with 335 lbs

5×7 bench press with 205

1×3 squat with 315

No images at the moment but just wanted to update where I am at.

Just finished the 6th cycle of Ogus753 and here are the numbers I am at thus far:

Squat: 3 x 10 at 275  (85%)

deadlift: 3 x 1 at 405 (amrap)

bench: 3 x 1 at 255 (amrap)

ohp: 5 x 6 at 115 (80%)


I am on Ogus753 and here are my % I use for my lifts as of 9/21/2016


5×7 @ 75%

7×5 @ 80%

10×3 @ 85%


Deadlift: 415

Squat: 330

Bench: 265

Ohp: 140


A little before and after

img_0008 img_0093


From june 17th – Sept. 18

I am def. more tan in June so it’s hard to see if there is any gains…but if you look closely its there lol.