personal trainer Sacramento

Does this sound familiar to you? You are a person living in Sacramento and you have an addiction to weight lifting? or fitness in general? If so then GOOD! You’re not alone.

My name is Andy Lim and I am just another typical person who likes to workout. The reason for this website is actually just for myself. I suck at writing things down on a journal because I don’t like staring at my own hand-writing…unfortunately. I figure just typing everything out on a website will be easier to manage and keep track, since I always tend to misplace my journals. So dont be surprised to see a lot of grammatical errors since I rather not worry about my grammar on this site.

So anyways here is a little intro about me. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. I have been consistent for the past 5 years and growing everyday. My goals are mainly in strength as I eventually want to see what its like to compete at a power lift meet. With that being said I also want to maintain a nice physique, which in my opinion is anything below 10% body fat. Which I am not at yet. If I can find a personal trainer, I’m sure I can reach my goals in the near future. I will posting my progress in my blog section.

My stats I care about as of 9/21/2016

Weight: 158

Body fat: 12%

Lifts: (estimated)

Deadlift: 450

Squat: 335

Bench: 285

Ohp: 155